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Offer DeWALT DC925KA Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit

DeWALT DC925KA Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit Product Description
The DeWalt DC925KA Heavy Duty 18-volt XRP Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver comes with a high efficiency motor that delivers 480 unit watts for superior performance in all drilling and fastening applications. Features include a patented 3-speed all-metal transmission that matches the speed to the application for optimal performance and a heavy-duty 1/2-inch self-tightening chuck that tightens throughout an operation to provide superior bit gripping torque. Other features include superior ergonomics for optimized balance, size, and weight, and an XRP 18-volt extended run-time battery for long run-time and battery life. Backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, this hammerdrill/drill/driver comes with a one-hour charger, two 18-volt XRP batteries a 360-degree side handle, and a heavy-duty kit box.

  • DEWALT-built motor delivers 510 unit watts out of power; high-capacity XRP battery offer 40% more run-time than standard batteries
  • Patented 3-speed, all-metal transmission offers three drilling speeds (0-450 rpm, 0-1,500 rpm, 0-2,000 rpm) and 3 hammer-blow speeds (0-7,650 bpm, 0-25,500 bpm, 0-34,000 bpm)
  • 22 clutch settings; heavy-duty self-tightening chuck helps prevent bit slippage and provides better torque at the bit
  • Includes 2 18-volt XRP batteries, 360-degree side handle, kit box
  • Drill/driver weighs only 6.1 pounds; 3-year limited warranty

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below average
I'm not sure if this review should be directed at Amazon or Dewalt. The problem I have with this drill is we bought it as 'brand new', yet it isn't up to the standards set by the competition (Milwaukee and Makita) or even Dewalt's newer models. If you are looking for a Dewalt drill, it is best to pass on this and go right to their newer 970 or 950 model. This drill is bigger, heavier, seems to have less power and is just harder to handle the the competition or the other, newer Dewalt models. Also, the switch to change the speed of the drill is hard to switch. We took it for service but were told it was 'normal' with this model Unless you get this for a great price, stay away.

I love my tools, good quality - great price - easy ordering and received item in a flash Thanks

Clutches are weak
I have owned two of the XRP models since they came out. On both drills, the clutches are failing. Even on full lock, it will slip. Also, on one drill, the speed or range selector on the top no longer snaps into place and will slide between gears with normal use. I have many more well used Dewalt drills and none of them have had a gearbox problem. I don't know if this has been fixed in later models, but I will be buying the cheaper none XRP versions from now on.

You don't need this monster
Too big, too long, too heavy and too loud. Why buy this?? I have not had much better experience with Milwaukee either, because of its batteries, and this is why I cannot recommend any specific one but I do know you don't have to put up with this moster. If you use it for infrequent drilling, use a corded one. If for driving, it is useless. I wasted my money.

Homeowner Grade Tools
I had this drill for a year and it didn't run true right out of the box. Than the chuck went, installed a new one, than the switch went and after seeing the price of that I just tossed it out. I'm a contractor so my tools get heavy use and after using Dewalt for many years I'm finally tossing them aside. They just don't hold up to real use.

Dewalt does have decent power and that's about all I can say for them anymore.

More Info: Offer DeWALT DC925KA Heavy-Duty XRP 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit


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